May 2, 2015


Yep! So.. hi! :D Internet/Social media, get ready, I'm back.

Sooo much happened in the last few months. There were ups and downs, and a bunch of thing are still going on right now. And if you don't mind (I don't care if you do ), I 'll tell you what have I been up to lately. 

1th : suffering with getting better grades at school, studying for my e-learning university course (economics), participating several competitions. And a lot of little normal sh*t like this.

2nd: the classes in our grade have a huge competition for the title of KÁDI- yep, it comes from a turkish word, means judge or sthing... int our case it means student's president or something like that. Anyway, its the biggest competition held every year for this title. Each class has it's chosen student to represent his/her class, basically the face of the campaign. The competition contains a lot of tasks, which we gonna get points for. We have to create a story, put the chosen fella into the center, and convince the students that our candidate is the best, oh and we have to make a little film (10minutes) about this story. It's a huge work itself... 
Beside that, we have to create a whole campaign (hardcore marketing work!!!) with comercials, memes, facebook page and so on. This task also contains a huge graphical work, which I had/have to do. I made a logo, a t-shirt graphick and I have to design flyers and a molino(a flag). It was a lot of work and I'm not ready yet.... wish me luck :)
We also have to make a stand -basically a huge snackbar with very loud misic and video games and a lot of interesting stuff. It's a one (whole) day task, an opportunity to promote ourselfs with flyers, pins and so on. It's like a school festival :D and its pretty cool isnt it ;). But you ll see, I ll update all photoes. *excited* 
The 4th task of ours is to give a show which the audiance will never forget! We planned everything, but I cant write about the details (yet ;) I'll sure link a video about or performance) We've jsut started practicing our coreograph (only 6 girls and 29 boys in class... compared to that and our lack of dancing skills we are kinda awesome:D - thanks to ourprofessional coreographer ;) Nori <3 ). Learning these takes a lot of energy and time -we have 2 weeks left till te show. Anyways the guys are kinda doing good :D (kinda XD). But for real... I'm proud of us so far! 
After all of this madness, there will be a quiz/competition kindof stuff, in which the whole class have to cooperate in several tasks and get points.

So I wasnt joking, when I said a lot going on :D 

Anyway, here some of my latest stuff. Some art for KÁDI, like our logo and t-shirt design and stuff. BTW The P-stands for programmer -only and onlay on paper*

And check out or fb page for more information!!!!!! and LIKE it 

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