Jan 16, 2016

The Grenma concert - Budapest Dürer garden

I'm not really in the mood to write looong articles and rambling about stuff. If you already read my articles about this band, you might know, that they are all time favourite! They wont play for a year so it was kindof a closure concert, but it was included in a rock festival called Death2Summer, several artists and bands were there. About the event itself you can find anything here:

About my opinion... It coulnd't be more perfect :) Amazing stuff happened with amazing people and bands all around. I can't wait to The Grenma's comeback concert xd
Here some pics about how amazing it was

IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! Thanks for everything t everybody who was there <3

Jan 3, 2016

Burlesque Show - Budapest + background story

2015.august 1. - Budapest - Island Margit

The first live burlesque show I've ever seen. I've alway been fascinated by these.. the glamour the created magical atmosphere around the stage and the whole area... and christals and flitters and lights and the music! The choreographies, the acting, every single movement and moment of that show was magical!
Let the pictures talk for themeselves http://szabadter.hu/programok/item/1894-ooh-la-la-ejszakai-revu-cirkusz.html#galéria

I just sat there and watched and forgot to take pictures of the best productions because i was too amazed at the moment XD I did took photos but they are from mobile and not really good quality.

The event itself was amazing, but the cause because I went there (is this grammatically correct? :D)  is the fact that I1m in love with this world, the world of burlesque, the classical Moulin Rouge kind of burlesque, you know. The vintage one!

And thiiiis is the point of the article when it can get sentimental, and I'm gonna write my experiences, so you can get a peek in my life. Also with a hint of educational purpose - if any parent or young kid happens to read this, you can learn something about human nature itself, and how it can be influenced and formed.

Sneak peek in my life: i was an emo kindof kid. Yes I was! More of a punk tho.... Not that hardcore since I didn't had the money nor the courage to express myself fully. As a teenager I discovered metal and rock music and the things and bands that were fashionable and not so fashionable- from Green Day to The Grenma (still loving them). My outfits, my behaviour, taste of music...all punk-ish xd.

But how the hell does this connects to the topic?-you may ask.
Well, even before this 'state/period' of mine I discovered some things. The past, to be precise. My parents and grandparents lived in the 'golden ages' - don't worry they are still alive, and I love them.
By golden ages I mean 40-80/95. From the granparents I learned hell lot of things, like how to sew, embroider and so... their 'fashion' at the time was somewhat traditional hungarian mixed with the grey and brown and... you know what I'm talking about! You may have seen pictures from the time of the WW and after. Well, that boring village people style (sorry granma). It wasn't that important to look good for the people of labour. They still had some pretty stuff to wear, and rare pieces of jewerly and stuff like that. And I absolutely loved that! My great granma (RIP) had an aelephantbone necklace.. a beautiful design *.*
As you can see :)

And a lot of broches and rings too. // I may include some pictures of all everything in the next article wich -what a suprise- will be about vintage style and fashionable self expression. 

Besides my grandparents's stuff I found myself one day deep inside my mother's closet throwing out all her clothing to the middle of the livingroom, trying on every piece, and spinning in front of the mirror. This happened when I was a small child.... aaand again right in the middleof thet punk era of mine. At the time, I have to admit, cuz there's no shame, I was a fat kid, I was made fun of several times for it- thanks all of you bullies for making me stronger than I ever imagined ;) . My mother"s clothes weren't too big anymore. In fact, my mother at the time was a 60-63 kg and about 169cm tall, slim like a model, and beautyful as a hollywood star! (She still shines like one ;) ) AAAnndd there I was... a fat fuc with wide ass and even wider shoulders with my also 169cm height and 70+ kgs.... 
I could'n fit anything, as you can imagine, I felt bad, but I was fascinated by the clothes-not as much as I am now. But even as a punk I could apreciate them. 

The oldschool music came just as the clothes, but even before them! We had -still have but not working- bakelite player and looooot of vinyl records. Mostly from the 70-80's but there were older ones too and some classical music. I dind't like that music very much, but there were good songs too. The biggest impact on my music taste was that CD collection of retro pop and rock&roll wich came with the cd-player and the speakers, wich we had. Acdc, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabath, Elvis and bunch of other good old timer collected on those cds... I loved them. I fell in love and I couldn't let go since then. It added a sense of style to my sooohardcore metal/rock/punkockloving xd. I still love all kinds of musics:). But this oldschool style is the best! 

My sources of informations at the time were limited without the world wide web in my hands. And when I got it I  used it forthings, other than what I'm using it now (then:mostly gaming, watching anime and stuff- it stayed, but less oftime 'wasted' on these things). When I got into secondary education I started to realize that things are changing. A lot of things happened, and my style and fashin sense dramatically changed! I started to like more girly stuff first, as I may have already written in the harajuku article  and the personal article about this, which I'm not gonnaget into now and again :

The main thing is: I found music, I found pin-up girls (actually in my childhooddays I found a pin-up illustrated pokercard collection - still haveing it, still loving it ) and makeup tutorials, and swing and jazz and eventually burlesque. I found pictures of models and showgirls, I got excited, I  found movies, I downloaded songs, I found new bands, music covers, vintage fashion icons and etc... I already -back at the weeks actually found what makes me really happy, and what makes me confident. I re-visited the style for 4years - 10-30 times/year. But now as a grown up -kindof :D - I realized that ... I can actually pull it off, and embrace the fuck out of it! I mean the style. The vintage, and modern mixture can be my thing. And I also lost weight too -which helped me a lot to be more confident!  I'm now proudly the same weight and size and height my mother was at her age of 18 to the end of her 20's mid 30's (i guess). Now I can fit in her old clothing, and I tried them on... I loved them! Not everything but the dresses *.*, and some skirts and shirrts and jackets and gloves..... I borrowed them, and I'm gonna wear them. Not sure if the schooldays worth this much of a glamorous clothing and  appearance, but I've done 'wose' XD. Maybe on my university visits I will wear them, or maybe for dates and special ocasions. Dates are special ocasions too xd. 

Anywaaayyysss.... the empowering style the red rouge and the feminity of this whole style is like that time when I sat with mymouth open drooling and sparkling on the burlesque show, lipsyncing the songs, feeling the power of the glam's atmosphere. I decided I want to feel it again and again! And I'm telling you I will for sure :) MAybe I ll include some photoes of it.

The BIGGEST ICON who I discovered not a long time ago: Dita Von Teese 

She is gogeus and galmoros and inspiring and badass! From her interwievs and fashionsence and stuff, i learned so much. Also tutorials on you tube xd 

The point of all of this rambling about vintage and stuff is: Find the things that makesyou happy and powerfull, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself happy! Be selfish a little (or more).
For me the most empowering and mood-changing thing is red lipstic. If I wear that, I'm a badass sexy powerful woman, ready to conquer the world. Sometimes clothing Does makes you who you are, if you find yourself in the pieces you are wearing. 

BTW : Happy new year everybody! 

Dec 29, 2015

I'M BACK!!! :) for a while...

Long time no see! How you are you doing? By 'you' I mean non existent person who reads this stuff :D somehow the blog was read hell lot of times : today its  like


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Anywaaaas... Hell lot of things happened, and hell lot of time passed. My last rambling was posted in august :O you can tell that studying started.... Yeah...and yet my mindset changed a lil bit. Thanks to a CERTAIN SOMEONE (you know who you are ;) ). Ooohkay, I admit I started a relationship in august. Best decision of my life so far :D You might have noticed that i'm a negative person. Well, my partner helps me with positive way of thinking and tought me the holy scentence of life: "We can solve anything anytime, one way or an other!" This might seem a weak inspirational quote, but when the power of these words have been prooved..... it's a miracle! Especially in a long-distance relationship like ours. 

The last year in this school... the 5th to be precise! Oh fuck I'm old :D I feel old. Looking a the kids these days, and our old pics... realizing that my classmates and I are fricking grown ups with cars, plans,,jobs, goals and hell lot of responibilities! 

But before I start the whole sentimental bullshit, let me tell you some stories what have happened in these past months. Some more interesting things :) I promised an article about the burlesque show which we visited this august. We also have been on The Grenma concert as well in september, and the last class-trip happened next month in Eger. I'm not gonna get into the current political situaton even tho I should cuz at the university we got all the background information and stuff about the 'migrant case', and that presentation helped me a lot to understand the situation and all aspects of it! //ok maybe I ll include it sometimes...
After these I got some stuff to say about health issues and things like that + a lil suprise ;).
And then halloween happened, and x-mass happened and a shitload ofthings have happened and will happen. Preps for everything... I ll tell ya! Tonight I will violate my braincells to write at least one or two articles.

Stay tuned! . orwhatevor theysay.....

Aug 23, 2015

Stressed out? Can't sleep? - Solutions, hacks, naps, lifesavors, advices

As you might noticed duringall these articles I'm a stressed out grumpy ass b*tch sometimes. Cuz not giving a f*ck is trendy :D ..No no no but really, I'm always kinda rud and ignorant. 80%of my lifetime im ust like:

Friends laugh at my attitude, they hate me and/or love me, hell knows, but stress continues.... It can trouble your everydays and your sleep! In my case both... It's a shitty feeling and I'mcomplainng a lot about it,and the caffeine overdose isn't alwas a good solution. 

But how can you help yourself? Don't visit a psycholgist or head to the first yoga studio in your town! Ain't nobody has time and/or money for that shit! You are better than that!

What I always do when I'm in trouble doing something is browsing the internet for solution. Articles tutorials etc... Low profile low budget (some might say low intelligence, but I'm jus a frikin modern genius!). 
You can find a lot of stuff like memes and signatures and quotes sying you should just chill and don't give a fuck and be happy and so...

But these won't really help! (unless you are a naive easily manipulated person,inwhich case you might need an expert's help :D ) 
For happyness, I already wrote some articles: 

For relaxiation, stress level reduction, well, lets find out what's my personal recommendation.

During the days I can't help but keep doing tasks and being stressed out and caffeinate a lot! The smell off coffee kinda helps cuz when I'm drinking coffe it means I alredy got a break so I can dring coffee... infinite association :D But sometimes I don't have break to drink coffee, so I just buy one and drink it with one glup and burn my tounge and my insides.... not pleasant but the effect is still there.
Overall daytime is stressfull you can't help it! Except if you have a longer break or you can take a nap or something.Lucky bastard...
One methond can help, it's called: Human interraction :D especially during lunchbreak. We used to do it with friends of mine, it started out to be a "history concilium" since we are studying that on a higher number of lessons (and level). It sometimes worked out we talked about topics so we could understand the reasons and consequences of happenings and stuff.... But other times when we were really tired we used the laughter to keep ourselves awake. I stood a lot of radomly done and said sh*t , ya know when something comes to your mind and you dn't even think about holding it back, so it comes out and makes everyone laugh including yourself. So yeah, it helped a little :)

But I always need a really relaxed time of the day, and since I can't have naps it's always nighttime, especially late night. I can't even plan to go to sleep early so I can get up refreshed. My schedule usually doesn't allow it..... But there are some times, after finished work (or tossed it to the corner saying "Fuck it!")  when you just go, have a quick shower, you don't even knoqw where you are and how onearth you did it, make it to your bed get in a horizontal position and fell asleep immediatelly, cuz you are drop dead tired. It happens like 1-2 times a week.

Other times I'm just overcoffeinated. Or, you know there is a point of tiredness whey your body just overdrive itself and you are hyperactive and stuff. Or just simply can't shut your brain down.
These are the cases whe you need help to get some sleep.

I found a looooot of methods!

1. Meditation: YouTube is full of these shit! It doesn't work for me, but for some, it might help.
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92i5m3tV5XY

For those of you who don't know what this is : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response

For those of you, who don't give a fuck to read the discription, ust one advice: get on youtube and experiment, find your own triggers!
This is my personal collection: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_V6fBuhoY9G9CSQ0hkWZaN0V2ua-oe7j
But you really have to just go and search and find your favs.
At first you hear it and you are like "what the actual fuck isthis?" "this is creepy/disgusting/perverted etc...."
 little explanation you skeptic folks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQB-PddpYtE&list=PL_V6fBuhoY9G9CSQ0hkWZaN0V2ua-oe7j&index=12 

It may or may not wok for everyone, I dunno, it works for me, so I think its good and I can just recommend it!

3. My complete schedule, when I'm really not sleepy, but I gotta rest:
It's a not so complicated list of tasks what I do, when I get to bed, and can't put myself to sleep.

- sitting in my bed, browsing youtube/reading/listening to music
- open my funny video collelction: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_V6fBuhoY9FpColXb6CJBqaPfxLeJXWk , and laugh my ass off watching these
// note: laughter helps a lot! You are exercising, and having fun, also shutting your serious brain and tiring yourself.
- after I'm tired enough or happy enough, get into sleeping position (mine is weird but comfy)
- plug my earphones and start an asmr video/audio
- the asmr + tiredness will eventually put me into sleep :)

Soooo yeah... these are my methods :) Hope it helped!

If it didn't here some other stuff what I found:
But really ,go out and do research! It might change your life.

OOOOOOOR yu can jsut try this:
It was truly a lifesavor sometimes :D 

Aug 21, 2015

Harajuku walk - very late report

Yep, I didn' do it as sooon as I planned. I'm a lazy ass m*#haf3cker :D (It's summer, it's hot, don't judge me XD )

AAAAnd I'm not gonna write about it now either :D
You can watch and read everything you want to, click here

Okay okay... I'm lazy, but really nothing happened we were just walking and we enjoyed each others company :) No more no less, yet, it was a great experiece!

But I wanted to introduce you to this fashion thing, and how on earth did I even got involved?
First of all, I'm not a fashionfreak, I'm just a freak :D.  I like allkinds of fashin genres andsoooo... but really from stemapunk to lolita and decora to punk everything what appears to be my 'taste' I like them all. Literally no boudaries, cuz fashion is also an artform. And that's it. AAAAaand thanks to youtube I gotta get to know these kind of fashions like "uuuh colors :D click it!"
Long story short duh......
I did a reseach on this,  I looked up every deteils about tokyo fashin Harajuku street fashion styles etc... and a lot of creative stuff popped out.
If you are interested , let me show you what I've found

for makeup and recommendations, check out Kawaii Pateen

for street fashion, introductions and cooool stuff in japan, visit Tokyo Fashion

These links will probably lea you to the fashion gurus, artists and models who I've found too. I can't really link every youtuber's site ((there are a lt of links in this article already). See you later, bye !


Aug 8, 2015

Mermaid tail tutorial

Hi guys! As I promised, here is the tutorial of making a mermaid tail, and all in one the Shirahoshi (One Piece character) costume/cosplay.

First of all, I need to inform you, this is a low budget cosplay(it was only 3500HUF without the wig, only materials), also I'm not even close to be a professional, so please don't judge! An enjoy the tutorial :) 

Materials you need:

  • an old sheet
  • bra
  • gold-coloured material
  • sewing skill - I don't have any:D 
  • glitters
  • colourful polifoam thingie 
  • hot glue
  • wire
  • paint

1.The tail's base:
Measure and sew the old sheet to your size around your legs. It has to be a perfect fit, soyou can't move in it at all. Ididn't made a tutorial about it, cuz it wasa shitty work of mine :D Basically wat happened : I grabber the sheet, wrapped it around me like a burito and sewed it on myself as it was :X If you don't wanna be as dumb as me, watch and follow these tutorials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk17hWW9uGY    There are so many,so you can choose whatewor you like or found easy. - these tutrials are mostly just one fabric tutorials , our tail is a scaled one.

2.The scales : 
Hardest thing I've ever made! Since I can't sew well, my fingers were full of bruises, but in the end.. totally worth it!
The method to create the scales is easy. Take some colourfull polifoam sheets...
...cut out the scales (for my tail, there were more than 500 and 3 different sizes)...

...take a cartboard sheet , put it under the material (makes sewing easier)...

...clip it ...
...grab these babies....

... Jam them on that stuff! 

Somehow like this ...

Continue till it looks something like this. Watch your fingers! 

It doesn't have to be prtty, just have to do its job! 

And it's job is to look amazing from the outside! :D

yeah..kinda amizing.... the size differences made it harder!  

3.The 'floating' bra:
The character who I cosplayed has a really special and difficult bra-type. It's not even a type, but it looks cool. And its kinda easier to make than I thought (or just the consumed beer made it easier :D ) 

I don't really have proper instructions for this, jsut wrap it up, pin it down, sew it together! Glue the wire to the padding (inside the bra) wrap it up with materials, sew sew sew.... Figure it out! I don't even know what I did, it just...sortof.. happened :D 

LAst but not least glue some glitter or flitter on the bra.


4. The fin:
The scales were hard to sew..... it was a totally pain in the ass!!! I used some kind of rubber silicone kindof thing..... it was a mistake! I couldn't sew that thins so I had to poke each and every hole to get it togehter, cuz I only had smaller pieces. Find/buy a bigger piece! Save yourself! 

That thing around my feet is net.
 This stuff was really amateur! but I dind't had time and material to make it look beter. Honestly, I just glued a pice of cloth on this thingand spray painted some pink stripes on it. Also I sew the fin to the other part, it was a shitty work, it dind't really held it. I suggest doing one more layer, a base layer made of plastic net or something to hold the fin's weight!
And if you don't need a strond fin, just put a cartboard in it and duh.....

5. Makeup:
Fully experimental stuff. For the actual cosplay I used fake lashes too.

Contaclens are optional, I didn't had money for those :/ 

Finally, It's time to put a wig on it :D 

The finished product: 

close enough XD 
For more pics, visit the previous article: http://armindoyle.blogspot.hu/2015/07/mondocon-2015.html
and/or tumbrl:(soon!)

If you liked it, please five it a like and/or subscribe/follow my work somewhere where you can :3  

Have fun with cosplay or dressup or halloween or anything in your life!  

Aug 2, 2015

where are those articles?

Hi guys! You know what , I'm feelin like an asshole today, and I will be, so no offense, it's just some regular shit to bore you with :D 

I've started the articles, the tutorial andthe harajuku walk too, but the drafts stayed as they are and I haven't felt up for them al weeks... I'm lazy as FAAAK! thats it folks :D They ll happen, as soon as  ll be able to consume enough coffeine:D 

Also an amazing thing happened! We went to a Burlesqueshow *.* like two days ago and it was sooo.... I'll tell you in a separate article ;)

I'm lazy.... ot doing anyting feels soo gooood! Since I'm in Europe, wedon't have Netflix...  You tube became my netflix XD My hobby right now is to chill in front of the computer, watch anime/films/series and mostly you tube, and saving pictures of everything *.* Literally... I saved back at thedays this 

YES its a f**king colour! Purple.... why? duno, it was pretty I saved it, don't judge me :D I only save pretty and beautiful things, whatevor looks good..... I think I miss art.. I really miss art from my life :( I should do something, but besides all the chillin I'm studying which means 

Soooo right nove I'm like....


See ya soon guys....